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Seat Availability

Reservations may be made up to one week in advance. Up to 4 hours can be reserved per day. Your TUC email is required to make reservations.

Current study spaces at the TUC Library also include:

  • 9 study rooms
  • 6 study carrels 
  • 6 standing desks
  • 42 tables

Many students need to use the study spaces. We expect reservations to be made in good faith, using real names and without attempts to contravene the spirit of the four hour per-person booking rules.

  • Reservations for study space may only be made by students.
  • Drop-ins may be accomodated if spaces are available. Reservations will need to be made to use any open spots. Please ask library staff for help, if needed.
  • Use of a study space requires continuous occupancy. Items left unattended at a study space for 15 minutes or more may be removed by a Library staff member so that the space can be used by other students. Items removed from a study room by a library staff member can be claimed at the Library circulation desk.
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